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1st Visit Tips

Your pet's first visit to the vet is recommended by eight to ten weeks of age. Here are a few tips for your pet’s first visit to an animal eye care specialist:
Bring Your Paperwork
If you got your pet from a breeder, shelter, or rescue group, he probably received some vet care prior to this visit. Bring any paperwork that you were given so the vet can follow any care schedule that’s commenced.
List of Questions
It’s common to have a number of important questions, only to forget them when meeting with the animal eye care specialist. Write a list of questions and bring it with you.  
Remove All Tear Stains
This will ensure that the vet has a more accurate examination of your pet’s eyes.
Make your first vet visit fun for your pet
After your pets first vet visit, you should do something he enjoys, like treating your dog to a walk in the woods. Knowing that a good time will follow can help your dog feel better about being there.